This collar is made of genuine leather and solid brass hardware and has been hand burned by me. The runes that are in the collar vary upon the size of the collar itself.

***These collars are very sturdy, but if you have a dog that pulls a lot or has poor recall/is in a new place and could potentially be more skittish.... use a harness for walks as a precaution. I have done solid testing on my dogs collar but as you know sometimes mistakes happen....if there is any breakage I will be happy to replace /fix the collar ***

The standard runes used are:
Dagaz- awakening
Fehu- Luck and abundance
Gebo- relationships/partnerships
Jera- Prosperity
Mannaz- mankind
Nauthiz- survival and self-reliance
Raidho- Travel/journey
Eihwaz- trustworthiness
Algiz- Protection

if space allows these runes are added:
Uruz- strength
Ansuz- communication, odin, insight
Berkano- new beginnings

Please note that these are all hand burned and variations will occur. The MTO 15-20" collar has dot spacers between runes.

RTS= Ready to ship
MTO= Made to order (will ship in 1-2 weeks)

When purchasing MTO you may leave in the notes if you want specific runes on your collar OR if you want your pets name spelled on the collar in futhark.

Goes by the neck size of your dog/cat/person

Once again, please use a harness for walking your dog.....although they are sturdy collars.....this is always a precautionary practice..... I will NOT be responsible for any lost dogs due to breakage/slippage and not abiding by these precautions.